Back To School Tips for Autism Parents {From Morning Routines to What to Wear & Everything In Between}

Back to School Tips to Make Mornings Easier
For many parents, back to school means back into a routine. And after weeks of lazy mornings, late nights and long weekends - a rushed morning routine can be tough to get back into. Here are 5 easy tips that will help.

7 Back to School Essentials for Kids with Autism 
From clothes to shoes to other back to school must haves. These are the things your autistic kid can't be without.

7 Tips to Ease Transitions for Kids with Autism 
Getting your child back into a routine isn't always easy. Here are 7 tips that will help your kids get through the transitions ahead. 

The Sensory Child Gets Organized (book review)
This book is a must have for parents! The Sensory Child Gets Organized provides a clear sense of what a "sensory child" looks like and helps parents assess and understand how their child learns best. Through objective observation and journaling behaviors, parents can determine their child's learning preference: Visual, Auditory or Tactile.

8 Back to School Tips That Will Help Your Special Needs Child
Sharing some tips (and 2 books that explain autism to kids) that have helped me. And I got some autism parents to share what works for them, including a super cool chart. 

Prepping for Kindergarten (The Letter)
Is your child entering preschool, kindergarten, moving to a new class or starting a new school - an introduction letter can be really helpful to a new teacher or therapist.  

7 Questions to Ask Your Autistic Child When They Come Home From School. want to know more about my kid's day. So I ask specific questions that will build a conversation. 


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