The Sexy Flip by Crocs (I Want Them In Every Color!)

One of the things I love about summer is the freedom to wear chanclas (flip flops) and sandals. I love shoes because no matter how much weight I gain, shoes will always fit. Planning my vacation at Disney meant finding a shoe that was cute and comfortable - it's all about walking while at the Parks. And I knew I couldn't and wouldn't wear a sneaker. (I mean, do you know how hot it gets in Florida? I don't do well with heat.) So back to the sandal search...

I'll be honest, I never considered Crocs to be sexy. I knew they were comfortable and some styles were cute. But when I saw the Sexy Flip on the website, I knew it was just the thing I was looking for. Since I was packing as light as possible, I wanted 2 pairs of sandals in black and brown because I knew they'd go with everything. I walked to a nearby Crocs store to purchase them and I was so bummed they didn't have my size in the colors I wanted. But I did get to try on the leopard (kicking myself now for not buying them). They felt wonderful. I returned to work and ordered the black and brown online. They were $30 each and I got them on sale - SCORE!

While at Disney, we visited 3 parks in 2 days. That's a lot of walking. The Sexy Flip really impressed me. They looked great with everything I wore - they were sleek, stylish and so incredibly comfortable! I wore them to the pool, they were super easy to slip on and off. When they got a little dusty walking through the Parks, I was able to just rinse them clean. 

They are my prize purchase of the summer I think. They can really be worn with anything - dresses, skirts, shorts, linen pants. I. LOVE. THEM. I can't stop talking about them and I know I'll be wearing them all summer long. I am so tempted to take a picture of them to post - but I have a thing about up close bare feet/sandal photos.

Wearing the Sexy Flip in black and in brown

I think I'm ready to buy the pink pair and the leopard, they are screaming my name. Scroll through & find the Sexy Flip that's screaming yours!


  1. Those look super cute! I need some new flip flops.

    1. Shell! You totally NEED them. I don't know how your boys are but my son tends to step all over my feet/shoes. But sure enough, these flip flips held up - that's the real test! ;)

  2. I am still soooo tempted...they did look so cute on you....


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