I LOVE Instagram!

I love Instagram. I do. It's one of my favorite social media platforms. I love sharing pieces of our personality through pictures. Though I do understand why some think it could lead to low self-esteem. Like everything else social media, I take Instagram with a grain of salt. Most people tend to show the best parts of themselves on social media. I've yet to see a ugly cry selfie. People will share photos of their new shoes and fabulous vacations. But no photos of them paying their credit card bills. I know my life isn't perfect. So I don't assume anyone else's either - regardless of their seemingly perfect Instagram feed.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, I don't always follow my friends or family. And I don't follow many people. I love my friends and family but I just can't see selfie after selfie or pictures of your pet... #SorryNotSorry

I like pictures that tell a story. Pictures that make my heart melt. Pictures that make me hungry and inspire me to cook. Pictures of places I may never see. And pictures that make me want to look, be and feel better. And here (in no particular order) are 8 folks who do exactly that:

RubyDW. Not only is she my friend IRL but she's one of my inspirations and biggest motivators. She works so hard at what she does and I admire her so much. I love keeping up with Ruby and her #GUBLife.  

PresleysPantry. Nicole's photos always makes me chuckle. She's super cute and amazingly talented. CAUTION: Do not look at her food photos when hungry.   

NibblesNFeasts. Another one of my favorite foodie bloggers. She has an especially good eye for cake. Nuff said.    

Fabulatina. I've known Nashelly for years. Since high school actually. We reconnected through social media a few years ago. I love her style - especially her #TargetStyle. 

NorthwestMommy. I have never met Stasha but I want to live in her photos. They always take my breath away.

AdventuresInAspergers. Tom is dad of 3 sweet boys. And another person I follow who I've never met but it's a pleasure to follow his family adventures. 

TheDigitalLatina. The Digital Latina always keeps in the NYC/Brooklyn loop and on the #SpicyBrickRoad  

CurvesAndChaos. Another fashionista I love. Her style is fun, feminine and flirty. And every single lip gloss/lipstick she shares tempts me to run out and buy.   

Project Bronx. If you live in The Bronx or curious to know what Bronx life is really like - follow Adam Levine-Peres. His #ProjectBronx will "inspire, inform & engage."  

Who do YOU follow on Instagram and why? I want to know so I can follow them too!

Mama’s Losin’ It

Because I couldn't keep it at just 8, here are a few others to search for and follow: 

-- socialmediamomma 
-- theawesomemom 
-- hungryfoodlove
-- myfriendbetty
-- fourplusanangel
-- shadinyc
-- pearmama
-- fitlatina
-- bobafont165 (my husband) 
-- beerandcookies (my brother)


  1. I haven't been on instagram but I see a lot of people posting about it. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  2. Oh you follow some fun accounts! I adore Stasha, such a great gal. And I agree with you 100% Instagram, Facebook...all these accounts are usually capturing us at our best (and then filtered), I would NEVER post a photo of myself crying unless it was a joke! lol

  3. So many of my faves! Love ya too AMIGA! So happy blogging has brought us together!!!


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