#EverydayAutism Photo-a-day Instagram Challenge {March 2014}

Autism Awareness Month may be every April but for us and for other Atypical Familia's Autism Awareness is every single day and month of the year. Some people question if Autism Awareness month is necessary. I think it is, but that's a post all on its own.  

Since I love Instagram and am always up for a challenge - I thought I'd put together this #EverydayAutism challenge leading into April to show social media that for all of our kids differences, there are also many similarities.

This is my first photo-a-day challenge. And I'm excited to see what others share. You don't have to take the challenges so literally. Just share something - anything - that you think represents your child, the daily challenge and your #EverydayAutism.

So...how do you play along? 

Instagram would be ideal and when you post your picture use the #EverydayAutism. If you have an Instagram account, feel free to follow me @laliquin. No worries if you don't. If you have a Twitter account, tweet your photo with #EverydayAutism. I'll be following the hashtag on Twitter too. 

And if you don't use Instagram or Twitter, that's fine too. You can still participate. Share this post and your photos on Facebook and let your friends and family know you're participating. And if you want me to see your pictures - feel free to share them on my Facebook page.

Here's my 1st photo of the #EverydayAutism challenge - 


  1. Great idea, Lisa! I'll be following along. :-)

  2. Love it WIll be following along on Ig too!


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