The Count's Halloween Spooktacular at #SesamePlace {GIVEAWAY}

Disclaimer: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador. I was not compensated for this post but I have been provided with a 2014 Season Pass for myself and complimentary admission for my family.

Earlier this month we took a little day trip to Sesame Place to celebrate the first day of The Count's Halloween Spooktacular! I shared a bunch of pics via Instagram throughout the day - you can check out some below.

We may have tons of splashing water fun in the summer but I love Sesame Place in the fall. It's just nice to walk around and enjoy the festive atmosphere. It's not as crowded so it's easier for Norrin to handle. And it's cooler making standing on lines and going on rides more manageable. There are hayrides, caramel apples and lots more Halloween fun. And since Sesame Place is so close to New York, it's a fun family weekend getaway.

Tomorrow is the first day of October and we'd love for your family to take part in some Spooktacular fun too. So we are giving away 4 tickets to celebrate silly, spooky fun at The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular at Sesame Place! (Note: Sesame Place is open only on the weekends during October and ends on October 26th.)
Come in costume and play in our not-too-spooky Halloween haven featuring two new Halloween shows, themed mazes and a Sesame Street character hayride. Don’t miss exciting rides, the Neighborhood Street Party Halloween Parade, the all-new Cookie’s Monster Land, and everyone’s favorite furry friends dressed up in costume!
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For additional information - including dates and times - regarding Sesame Place please visit:

Disclaimer: I am a Sesame Place Blog Ambassador. I was not compensated for this post but I have been provided with a 2014 Season Pass for myself and complimentary admission for my family.

Family Friendly Sweet & Savory Turkey Cornbread Pie

One of my favorite things about Fall is spending Sunday afternoons in the kitchen, cooking meals like this sweet and savory Turkey Cornbread Pie

While yesterday may have been in the 80s in The Bronx, it is Fall in my heart. And my heart needed something that was going to stick my ribs.

I love love love Turkey Cornbread Pie. Everything about it makes me happy. It's the perfect Sunday meal with family and friends. It's my go-to meal and I know it will be yours too! Now, I am not a cook or food blogger (I eye ball most of my ingredients). But sometimes I make things and I am so pleased with myself that I feel the need to share.

The ingredients are simple and you may have most of things in your fridge and pantry right now. Here's what you'll need

1 pack Ground Turkey (I buy Shady Brook Farms 93/7 Family Pack Lean Ground Turkey - it's about 3lbs.)
2 boxes Cornbread/Muffin Mix (Yesterday I used Jiffy, but I've Betty Crocker too.)
      Make sure you have the ingredients on hand to make the cornbread.
1 can of Goya Pinto Beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can  of Diced Tomatoes (I used one with garlic) 
1 package of Shredded Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese
1 Green Pepper - diced
1 Yellow Onion - diced
6 cloves of Garlic - minced (I love garlic so I use between 6 and 8 cloves)
Ground Cumin - a few sprinkles...I eyeball it 
Cilantro - chopped (I just use a bunch because I love cilantro)
Olive Oil 
Salt & Pepper to taste
      And totally optional
1 pack of Sazon (I only use it because I'm Puerto Rican and we add Sazon to almost everything.)
Garlic Powder (Because I told you, I like garlic.)

Ready to cook? we go! 

On the Stove Top

1. Get some olive oil in a pan (or skillet) and add Ground Turkey, Green Pepper, Onion and Garlic. Cook for about 8 - 12 minutes until turkey is cooked. DRAIN excess liquid! (Super important - I've forgotten to do this and it gets sloppy. It's still good, just watery.)

2. Add your Diced Tomatoes and Pinto Beans. Season with Salt & Pepper and Cumin (about a 1-2 teaspoons - again, I eyeball it). Optional addsGarlic Powder and 1 pack of Sazon. Stir and bring to a boil. 

3. Now add your Shredded Cheese and Cilantro. Mix until it becomes a cheesy pan of happiness. [FYI: This is AMAZING with a dollop of sour cream and tortilla chips.]

At this point, everything should be completely cooked. Turn off heat and cover. We got some cornbread to make!

4. Make your cornbread according to the package instructions. 

Into the Oven:

5. Pour that turkey goodness into a casserole dish. You can use a big one or 2 small ones. (I used 2 small ones). Leave room for cornbread mix.

6. Spread a thin layer of the cornbread mix over the turkey. Bake in the oven according to package instructions. 


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Las Comadres Writers Conference {#LCWC 2014} Words of Wisdom & Recap

On Saturday I took the train  all the way out to Brooklyn (I live in The Bronx - do you even know how long that train ride is?) to attend the 3rd Annual Las Comadres (Latino) Writers Conference. I am so happy I made the investment in myself to go. It was a jam-packed day of learning and networking with writers, editors and agents from New York City and beyond. I left motivated and inspired. 

I got to hear some of my favorite authors like Esmeralda Santiago, Meg Medina and Daisy Hernandez share their thoughts on writing. I met and hugged Nora Comstock - one of the founders of Las Comadres. And I also met Marcela Landres - "The Manuscript Madrina." I  discovered new authors - which is always exciting. And I even had one-to-one meetings with an editor and literary agent. 

As some of you may know, I graduated last year with my MFA in creative writing. Since then I've been in a "now what" phase. Because after nearly 20 years of being a college student (yes, you totally read that right), I find myself wondering what it was all for. 

I am halfway through a historical fiction novel (a chapter excerpt was a Glimmer Train finalist). Two to three YA shorts that are begging to be finished. My memoir on raising an autistic child in the works. And I have dreams a children's picture...

I pitched my memoir - on the first five years of raising a child with autism - to the editor and agent. And I received good feedback. Now the rest is on me to finish. Or in the words of Esmeralda Santiago, to "be brave. Because it takes courage to expose yourself so willing." The Las Comadres Conference was the kick in the ass I needed. Next year, I want to return with something completed. I am determined to pitch my work again.

Here are some of the words of wisdom and highlights of my day...
Yes...I want to be published. But that shouldn't be the goal. The goal is to be a better writer. Because if the writing is good, everything else will come. I didn't get a chance to buy Lila's book but it's on my list! 
So true. Sometimes reading just makes me feel better. If you haven't read Meg Medina's Yaqui Delgado - READ IT! I love it. And it was such a pleasure to meet her and hear her speak. Meg Medina is all about "strong girls, tough circumstances & the connecting power of culture.
Luckily Joseph is really good about this. He gives me the time I need. I just need to be better about making the time. It is always an honor to hear Esmeralda Santiago speak. She is my Latina Literary Idol.   
YES! YES! YES! Passion + Commitment + Discipline are MUST HAVES for a writer.
Sometimes I have a hard time getting into the groove. I am definitely going to start reading more poetry. What gets you into the mood to write?
I think this is the golden nugget of the day. As someone who has been immersed in social media for the last four years trying to build an online presence, blogging has also taken me away from writing. I MUST make more time for myself. It is my time to be selfish.  

Met up with fellow blogger Eileen Carter Campos of Mommy Teaches

Oh you know...just a selfie with Med Medina. Peep her pin - WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS! 

La Casa Azul was there selling books and these are the ones I bought:

The Girl Who Ran With The Wind by Meg Medina [Young Adult]
Stay With Me a Novel by Sandra Rodriguez Barron 
A Cup of Water Under My Bed a Memoir by Daisy Hernandez
La Belle Creole The Cuban Countess Who Captivated Havana, Madrid and Paris by Alina Garcia-Lapuerta (biography/history)
Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash by Marisol Brown with illustrations by Sara Palacios

WE MUST SUPPORT LATINO AUTHORS & SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT GOOD BOOKS! I will be sharing my reviews once I finish each book.

Each attendee received a copy of Count On Me: Tales of Sisterhood and Fierce Friendships - a collection of personal essays from Latina authors (including Esperanza Santiago, Sofia Quintero and Daisy Martinez - and with an introduction by  Nora de Hoyos Comstock, President & CEO of Las Comadres Para Las Americas). An anthology of poignant childhood stories, memories of mothers and tributes to loved ones, it is a celebration of individuals who have influenced and shaped the lives of the writers, and their stories will inspire yours. There is something in Count On Me for everyone and it is for anyone who has ever cherished a friendship.

If you are a writer, I urge you to attend the next Las Comadres Writers Conference. For more information please visit:

Scents From My Childhood & Cleaning with #MiFabuloso - The Must-Have All-Purpose Cleaner

Disclaimer: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and Walmart. All opinions are my own. #CollectiveBias #MiFabuloso

There are certain scents that always bring me back to my childhood. Fabuloso is one of them. It takes me back to summer afternoons when I helped my mom clean. So I was especially excited about the Twin Pack of Fabuloso in Walmart. As soon as I picked it up and put it in my cart, I thought of my mom. My mother loves Fabuloso; it's her go-to all purpose cleaner! She uses it to clean floors, the kitchen and bathroom. My mother uses it so often that she keeps a bottle of Fabuloso under the sink in her kitchen and in the bathroom. (I do too!)   

Cleaning soothed my mother. She didn't turn up the radio or blast the television - she enjoyed the peace cleaning gave her. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and took pride in keeping a clean home. Our home was always spotless, especially her floors. I grew in the kind of home where you could easily eat off the floor anytime, not a speck of dust or dirt to be found. 

Needless to say, my mother set the standard pretty high.

As a mom who works outside the home, my time to clean is limited. The only rooms I clean consistently are the kitchen and bathroom. Every other room? I clean when I can. (And I wouldn’t recommend eating from my floor – most days, not even the 5-second rule applies.) With an 8-year-old son and a runner husband, a clean home is a little luxury that doesn’t last long. There is always crushed cereal on floors, fingerprints on walls and toothpaste stuck on the sink.

Cleaning is more my Sisyphean task than a form of relaxation.

In our home, cleaning is a family effort. Everyone has a task to do. Norrin is at an age where he wants to help. I don't know how long that'll last, so I have to take advantage now. I also want him to be responsible for his room and understand that he has to clean up after himself. 

I let Norrin pour the Fabuloso into the water. He especially loved squeezing the sponge - a fun little sensory activity for him. I let him dunk the mop. Yeah, water got all over the place but I didn't mind. Cleaning may be a chore for me, but I wanted to make it fun for him. I told him where to clean and helped him when he needed it. And he was impressed by the magic of the multi-purpose cleaner, watching the dirt go away. Together we scrubbed walls, floors and sinks. 

And after a few hours of cleaning when I was satisfied, it was time to relax. Because nothing makes me happier than the soothing scent of clean floors and the sight of a spotless home. My mother would be proud.

I think we did a really good job! How do you make cleaning fun?

Disclaimer: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and Walmart. All opinions are my own. #CollectiveBias #MiFabuloso

How I Celebrate My #HispanicHeritage {as a Non-Spanish Speaking Latina}

Ever since I can remember I've been questioned why I don't speak Spanish and asked why I don't care enough about my Hispanic heritage to learn. I've been called an embarrassment to my culture. Some friends have teased me for talking like a "white girl" while other friends say I'm not like "other Puerto Ricans."

But whenever I travel outside of New York City (to places with a small Latino population), no one asks or cares whether or not I speak Spanish. They just see someone who doesn't look like them. I have always felt like I’ve never had a place. Dancing between two worlds in cultural limbo.

Immigration, race, nationality and what being American looks like, continue to be an issue of debate. It's ironic that I'm questioned about being Latina enough when so many are fighting to prove they are American enough.

There are way too many misconceptions about Latinos who don't speak Spanish and I have heard them all. Recently someone asked me how I can consider myself to be a Latina blogger if I don't speak Spanish.

I wasn't raised speaking Spanish. I was never taught. It's neither a long or complicated story, I'm just tired of telling it. Because telling it puts me on the defense. Can you blame me? I've been explaining myself for nearly 3 decades.

We didn't have a single book in our home written by a Latino author - even though my dad worked in a book factory and brought home books almost every night. 

I grew up in a multicultural neighborhood. In my early years at Catholic school, not speaking Spanish was never an issue. It wasn't until I entered high school that I realized I was not enough because most of my friends spoke Spanish.

Now as a blogger with a small cultural identity crisis, I wonder what I can add to the conversation for Hispanic Heritage Month. With a name like Lisa Quinones-Fontanez - it's pretty tough to deny my heritage. But sometimes I even question what being Latina means. 

I can't tell you how often I've written something - for either a blog post or in a creative writing class - and been asked to make it "more Latina." What does that even mean? Even in my writing, I have to prove myself. As if my own voice and experiences are not enough.

Being Latina is all that I know - even if others don't see me that way. Cultural pride goes beyond speaking a language. It's taking the time to study its history. I wasn't raised being taught about Puerto Rican history - I sought it out. I'm not an expert, but we can have a conversation and I'm always open to learning more.

If you come to our home, you'll see that our bookshelves are filled with Latino authors.  I have books on history, artists and other notable Latinos. Because I know it's important to see ourselves in the books we read. And while I can't teach Norrin to speak Spanish, there are other ways I can teach my son to have Puerto Rican Pride.

Like my blogger friend Diana I didn't always celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Growing up in Jackson Heights, Queens was a melting pot of Latino American cultures. While Diana may be bilingual - I love her definition of what Latina means! There isn't anything about language. She associates her Latinaness to her personal values like familia and strength.

I celebrate my Hispanic Heritage and being Latina every single day by being the daughter my parents raised me to be, being a good wife, mother and friend, and staying true to myself. That's enough for me. And that's all that matters.    

The wrist cuff was made by my blogger friend Nel. Check out her Etsy store for more cool Latino inspired fashion: NelEscDesigns

Super Undies: Washable & Reusable Pull-On Potty Training Pants

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample of Super Undies Pull-On Potty Training Pants for review purposes. No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own. 

Potty training has always been a challenge for us. It is for many special needs families. After a few years and lots of patience we have achieved day-time success! But we still struggle at night. When Norrin turned 8 years old I decided that this was the year we were going to achieve night-time success. But like all other things autism, things don't always work on a time table. It's still a work in progress.

So when I was approached by the folks at Super Undies, I was eager to give them a try. 
Super Undies are a line of washable and reusable Pull-On and Snap-On potty training pants are completely waterproof through the wet zone, but made with super stretchy side tabs for easy on and off action. The undies come in a variety of bright colors for both boys and girls and are most like real underwear, which makes for an easier transition from diapers into the potty training mindset. 
What I liked about them: I like that they are machine washable and reusable, as night-time pull-ons can become costly. Something that families can purchase once and keep using is sure to be a money saver. After a night of use, I rinsed them out in cold water before washing them. I didn't put them in the dryer. I was impressed with how well they washed and were ready to use again.

What I didn't like about them: I don't like that they are machine washable. Because in the mornings as I'm getting ready my kid ready for school and myself for work - the last thing I want to do is rinse out a soaked pull-on so that I can machine wash it after work. It just didn't work for me.

Who would I recommend them for: I would suggest Super Undies for kids who understand the concept of night-time dryness who wake up if they begin to feel wet. 

Ultimately, I really liked the Super Undies product and I wish that it would have worked better for us. My kid's just not ready. I am sure one day he will be, but just not now. 

For more on Potty Training check out my posts on Parents:

Potty Training Your Kid with Autism: 6 Things Parents Should Keep in Mind 
Nighttime Potty Training Your Autistic Child: 6 Things You Will Need to Begin

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample for review purposes. No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.

The Best Pointy Toe Flats EVER! {I Gotta *SpeakUp* About Them}

Before I get into my favorite pair of pointy toe flats - SpeakUp by Nine West - a little back story: 

If you've known me for a few years, you'll know that I used to work in retail. During my retail years, I bounced around a lot. But one of my favorite places to work was Nine West (mid 90s). There are quite a lot of perks about working retail, including flexible hours and discounts. In addition to these perks at Nine West - employees were also provided with a free pair of shoes every season. You guys - FREE SHOES! Who wouldn't love that? 

Back then my favorite flats was the Sharday. They were super cute loafer type shoes. I had them in black leather, black suede, brown suede and cream. And they were always my 3rd pair to bring out to a customer. 

I don't know how they do things now at Nine West but when I worked there we always had to bring out at least 3 pairs of shoes - even if the customer just asked for one. This was to bring up our UPTs (Units Per Transaction - for those who don't speak retail) and since we worked on commission we usually brought out multiple pairs to ensure a sale. We brought out the shoe they asked for, a shoe that was similar and a shoe that we liked. I had a knack for selling Shardays. Because I was usually wearing them and since I was on my feet all day, running up and down stairs - women believed me when I told them they were comfortable. 

Fast forward to 2013...I was looking for a cute flat to wear to work. I had been searching and searching for a pointy toe flat for months with no luck. And then I saw them in the 59th & Lex store window: SpeakUp. Without a blink, I walked in and asked for a size 9. As soon as I slipped into them, I felt like Cinderella at the ball. They were perfect. 

I chatted with the sales person and mentioned that I used to work at Nine West and that I actually interviewed at that very store. He pretended not to believe me when I said that I interviewed back in the 90s. (Bless his heart.)

I walked out with three pairs of shoes: 2 pairs of SpeakUp - Natural & Black Patent - and a pair of pointy toe flats (copper) but those hurt my feet so I won't talk about them.

I loved SpeakUp so much that I went back a few months later and bought the green and another natural patent. I wear these shoes ALL THE TIME. To work, to go out with girlfriends, out with Norrin, date night, out on errands and blogging events. They look great with skinny jeans, pants and skirts & dresses. (I love wearing them with dark denim skinny jeans, a tee and a blazer.) I love that they are a pointy toe flat because it looks dressier than a round toe. Speakup is the ideal shoe for a busy gal on the go who wants to be comfy & chic. And I'm ready to purchase a few more colors...

I am an Reward Style affiliate - if you click & purchase on the images below, I get a bucks when you make a purchase.

10 Reasons To Love Fall in NYC

We had a fun Summer but Fall is here and I am ready. We didn't do everything on our Summer Bucket List but there're things that can be really done all year - especially during the fall. And I LOVE Fall in New York City.
10 Things I Love About Fall

Scarves. I am all about my scarves. They are my favorite accessory and can transform any outfit. It can be the pop of color you need or a subtle statement.

Cardigans. I love walking out on a cool day with a cozy cardigan and a chunky scarf. Cardigans pretty much go with anything but I think they are especially perfect with skinny jeans and cute flats.

Good Hair Days. Bye bye summer humidity and hot days! After months of sun and swimming, I've been repairing my locks with Neutrogena Triple Repair hair products. I love wearing my hair loose and fall is the perfect season to do just that.

Apples. Apple picking in New York is a short drive away. I can't wait to go apple picking, make apple pie and caramel apples!

Crunchy Leaves. I'm like a big kid - stomping and crunching leaves. I love the colors of fall leaves too. It's nice going on long Sunday drives and enjoying the foliage.

Crisp Air. I love long walks or going out for a run and breathing in the crisp air. I'm not out of sweating from the heat and I'm not rushing to get out of the cold. The crisp fall air relaxes me. The other night I slept with the windows open. The cool breeze, all snuggled in my fuzzy blanket to keep warm - it's the perfect way to be lulled to sleep.

Hot Coffee. While I'm walking in that crisp fall air and stomping through crunchy leaves, a cup of hot coffee is perfect.

Cooking. I have a small kitchen that gets really hot. It's the reason why I hate cooking in the warm summer months. But on Sundays, I love cooking with all the windows open - letting the cool air in.

Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Because. PUMPKIN! Do not even get me started on Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin munchkins - they are my weakness.

Lazy Weekends at Home. During the summer, I have this need to just get out and do something. The fall I begin to hibernate. I like cuddling on the sofa watching movies and eating home cooked meals. Fall reminds me to slow down.

What do you love about Fall?

{Tissue Alert} This @Sears Video Will Make You Cry & Want To Hug Your Dad #MoreToYou #MasDeLoTuyo #ad

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored campaign post in collaboration with Sears and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.

This is me with my parents on graduation day back in 2013. I was the first in my family to receive a Masters Degree. Neither of my parents are very emotional or expressive people but I knew they were proud of me on that day. 

Growing up my dad rarely attended any of my school functions - he worked a lot and had limited time off. Now that he's retired, he attended both of my college graduations and Norrin's pre-k graduation. 

My dad also helps out with childcare and picks Norrin up from the school bus a few times a week. And I like that my son has the time with my dad that I never had.

Now I love my dad but I don't typically get emotional over him. We just don't have that kind of relationship. But when I saw the latest installment of Sears video series called More To You featuring surprises with real people, based on real tweets from people who want to give more to the ones they love - I LOST IT.

And I mean...ugly cry lost it.      

In the video, Sears visits Jasmine, a young woman who wanted to do something special for her hard working father. Little did Jasmine know that he had a surprise for her as well. 

While watching I was reminded me of my dad and how he loved to build. And I thought of the wooden toy chest he made for me when I was a little girl. It stored my dolls, my diary and other prized possessions. More than 30 years later, I still have that toy chest and could never bring myself to part with it. It was made out of love by a man who has a difficult time expressing his feelings.

The video makes me want to do something special for both my dad and my mom - the people in my life who worked so hard to give me everything I needed. I would love to be able to do more for them in thanks for all they have done and continue to do for me.

Watch the video & share it! And when you're done - go hug your dad or the person who has dedicated their life giving More To You!      

Want Sears to give more to you (and your loved ones) like they did for Jasmine and her dad? Tweet @Sears with #MasDeLoTuyo (or #MoreToYou) and Sears just might give more to you.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored campaign post in collaboration with Sears and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.

Start a New Birthday Tradition with Elf On The Shelf {Recap of #NicheParent14 Meet Up in NYC}

Disclaimer: As a Niche Parent Ambassador, I helped coordinate the event and received an Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition gift bag for attending the event. And as a Niche Parent Affiliate I will receive 10% of all sales (including packages) from any purchase made through affiliate link and $200 off my family conference package purchase. No other compensation was received. And as always all opinions are my own. 

One of my duties as a #NicheParent14 Ambassador was to co-host a meet up. Last month we organized a fun blogger event for #NicheParent14 with Elf on the Shelf! The meet up was at Dylan's Candy Store in NYC and it was the perfect venue! 

We adopted "Elfie" two Christmas' ago and it's been a special Christmas tradition for us.  Christa Pitts - the daughter of Carol Aebersold and sister to Chanda Bell, co-authors of Elf on the Shelf - attended our #NicheParent14 meet up. Christa talked about how the Elf on the Shelf came to be published - even after several rejections - and it was inspiring to hear. As a writer, I appreciated hearing about the determination to see their vision on the bookshelves.

Since Elf on the Shelf helped Norrin understand Christmas magic, I knew Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition would be fun for him too! And I think it would be helpful for many kids with autism
The Elf on the Shelf®: A Birthday Tradition tells the little-known story of how Santa’s finest helpers celebrate birthdays at the North Pole—and how you can invite your scout elf to share that tradition with YOU! Each kit includes special instructions for inviting your scout elf for a birthday visit, and a festive birthday outfit for your scout elf to slip into before the big day! Also available—the Birthday Countdown & Game and the Birthday Chair Decoration Kit.
Check out the Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition items! 

Elf not included with the book & festive birthday Elf outfit
Count down to the big day with the Birthday Countdown & Game

 Make the day extra special with the Birthday Chair Decoration Kit
If you purchased a copy of The Elf on the Shelf®: A Birthday Tradition, you’ve already helped Santa to bring clean water to a child who doesn’t have it. $1 from the sale of each copy of the book will be donated to charity: water in their work to end the global water crisis.

Read how Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition can help kids with autism - click HERE.


Elf on the Shelf is a #NicheParent14 sponsor! Register for the Niche Parent Conference at Walt Disney World on Oct 16 - 18 click here -->

Disclaimer: As a Niche Parent Ambassador, I helped coordinate the event and received an Elf on the Shelf: A Birthday Tradition gift bag for attending the event. And as a Niche Parent Affiliate I will receive 10% of all sales (including packages) from any purchase made through affiliate link and $200 off my family conference package purchase. No other compensation was received. And as always all opinions are my own. 
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